Rules for Sharewinnings...

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Rules for Sharewinnings...

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:26 am

Depending on number of people on site tickets are purchased (min 50 chances ) for drawings that land on or near the first Friday of each month.
we will buy large paying and smaller odds lottos and pick 3/4 numbers

Tickets will be posted on the forum no less than 12 hours before any drawing
we encourage you to print out and treat them as your own tickets..

Winnings are divided as follow
50% will be divided between all active members on (must post within 30 days of drawing)
25% will go to site investors
25% will go to site owners

Maximum Payout per person is $50,000 US ..
Once the site is larger avg payout on a large hit will probably run about $25,000- $50,000 anyway..
and $50 - $5000 on the smaller hits
so we encourage you to get your friends and family involved as well.
1 winner per Registered IP Address
You have 72 hours from drawings end to claim your winnings.
simply send a private message to the Administrator
or emails with your username and details will be sent to you..

After verification winners will be paid through company check or paypal (depending on limit)
within 14 days of our collection of winnings.

The above is a realistic revenue share and anyone who would claim
to offer something different would simply be lying to you.
Considering this is a free service we think this is fair.

If you are not in agreement with above rules please reply here.
Anyone not in agreement who replies here will be opted out of promotion.

We reserve the right to alter these rules, however not within 48 hours before any drawing..


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