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Get Bank Bonuses

Post  technopreneur on Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:09 am

Hi Guys

I make money from US banks.... from $20 to $200...

These are some of the money I made

$200 Citibank Sign Up Bonus
$25 IngDirect Sign Up Bonus
$20 Virtual Bank Sign Up Bonus

They are FDIC banks, so they are insured.

Currently, I have promotional code for Ingdirect and Virtual Bank New Sign Up Bonus-they are at 3% APR saving rate, better than traditional bank rate like wellsfargo and BOA, suck rate of less than 2%.

Virtual Bank- $100 minimum to open this saving account, $0 to maintain, get your bonus of $20 after 30 days.
Ingdirect - $250 minimum to open this saving account, $0 to maintain, get your bonus of $25 after some days.

You can check out their site, but you only get the bonus by invitation email from existing account holder like me. I have some , but limited invitation. So if you are serious to open in within 30 days ( or else, you don't get bonus for over 30 days) and have $100 or $250 ready to opens either or both savings, email me your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and the EMAIL that you want to open to SUBJECT: I am serious to open a Virtual Bank Account/ and or Ing Direct Account. Upon receiving the email, and the name, I will log into my bank, type in that 3 things and get the invitation send to you.

I suggest you to try ask for Virtual Bank invitation first, then use the $120 that you cash out later to open Ingdirect if you don't sufficient fund.

If citibank offer that $200 deal again, I will update you if you ask me in the email for citibank and more bank deals.


Make money from banks and more deals.


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